University of Diyala and Local Community Service Programs (1999-2003 A.D.)


This study investigates the role of the University of Diyala and its scientific and cultural activities as well as its local community service programs 1999-2003. The first date represents the establishment of the university and the last is the American invasion of Iraq and its consequences on academic education. The study consisted of an introduction, six sections and a conclusion. The study reached many conclusions. Mainly, the university and its colleges presented promising programs in community services by executing summer exchange programs for the teaching staff members in state offices. Tens of staff members volunteered to work in Governorate offices during the summer holyday and assist in solving their problems and improve their work. They also presented studies to solve community problems and conducted scientific activities like conferences, symposiums, and seminars to identify the problems that face local community in the various social, economic, medical, educational, and sport sectors. Then, they proposed working solutions as well as increasing community awareness. Diyala University also sought to improve the mechanism of application in its colleges and improve the scientific status of its graduates after containing the increased number of applicants that exceeded the operational capacity of the university. The university managed that by the persistence of its staff to offer the possibilities to the students and preventing the additional costs of studying in other universities. Therefore, the University of Diyala offered noble services in improving the community culture and all the sectors of the governorate.