The Effectiveness of Educational Stations in The Achievement of Students of The Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences of The Subject of The Foundations of Education


The world in our time is characterized by rapid changes and problems of science, technology and cognition in all aspects of scientific and practical life, and among these problems we can mention the communications revolution, the technology revolution and the huge flow of knowledge in the whole educational education. Practical, as it brings new challenges. In order to be able to deal with change, we must act to make a fundamental change in the teaching and learning process. Processing technological data in the fields of teaching and learning has become one of the most important features of these problems, especially since technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Due to the speed of connection, ease of use and frequent use. It needs to provide a modern and contemporary learning environment.The current research aims at the effectiveness of educational stations in the achievement of students of the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences for the subject of the foundations of education.