Intellectual Extremism and Its Impact on Iraqi Society - An Anthropological Study in Baghdad City


Intellectual extremism is one of the factors affecting all societies, as it bears an ideological character, often supported by a religious orientation. Societies and their stability, especially the Arab society, and the peoples became victims of that conflict, as the Iraqi society at the current stage faced great challenges in its social and cultural construction, as the changes that occurred after 2003 were left, and their extensive effects on the individual, family and society continued, and successive governments were unable to address the reality The social network witnesses successive crises every day, which helped the emergence of extremist terrorist movements and groups, which led to an imbalance in societal security, exploiting this situation to its advantage in promoting its misguided ideas and trends in influencing the behavior and beliefs of young people and children through several means, including social networks, the media, and exploitation Some mosque pulpits, and some satellite channels that support them in achieving certain gains at the expense of the stability and security of society Therefore, there has been a significant decline in the social and cultural system, which was negatively reflected in the support and stability of society in the face of extremism.