Economic challenges and the strategy of confronting extremism and achieving societal stability: Anbar Governorate as a model


The research dealt with the possibility of economic development in Al.Anbar Governorate, and focus on the most important obstacles that posed great challenges that led to the disruption of social stability, and which caused serious problems that contributed to the destabilization of the social fabric and thus reflected on the ability to withstand and social flexibility . There is a dialectical relationship between economic security and societal security, as society may tend to practice unaccustomed behaviors in order to secure its daily livelihood for itself and its family members. Therefore, some parties that do not want social stability for some countries tend to exercise economic pressure to graduate a generation that does not believe in some national constants. Rather, it may be used later as a force that operates on the negative side in its original societies, and as is happening in Iraq since 1991 until now. There is a political and social conflict with economic motives that have confused the social scene, interaction and harmony among the members of the same society, and the research has reached a conviction that security and stability will not be achieved. Except for the fair distribution of wealth and equal opportunities under practical administration and good governance, because poverty is the cornerstone of the exacerbation of terrorism. This research came to provide solutions from the field to be confronted according to a treatment strategy from an economic point of view in accordance with the vision of moderation and building societal peace and presenting it to the political decision-makers in order to create a geographical balance based on the foundations of the rules of comprehensive local development, which is sufficient to reduce the problems in terms of its application and what is reflected in the security indicators and its sustainability.