The Performance of the U Shape Double pipe heat exchanger under effect of using Active Techniques


The main aim from this research experimentally studied the effect of external power effect like use the active technique which is represented as an air bubble injection on shell side of U shape double pipe heat exchanger and in this investigations was used a suitable U shape heat exchanger with different position angle of the U shape Exchanger like position (U shape , ∩ Inverse U shape ) in additionally used a system which has all the equipments that measuring flow rates and parameters, the vortex generation due to the curvature of bending shell and tube has strong effect to increase the performance of exchanger. The results with this injection inside the shell side demonstrated that the optimize position of exchanger with best performance of parameter was with (∩) Inverse and the exchanger enhancement was (24.4%) due to the different shape of diffuser which was used it with inverse U shape exchanger. the air bubble injection as active technique it suggested that the effect cause by the bubble increment the agitation of flow and due to the motion of fluid and air as mixing turbulence flow motion and increased the heat transfer rate and performance parameter of exchanger