Individual analysis of kinetic response variables according to the measurement of the H7 system for the best jumping players in the national basketball team 2021


The research aims to identify the values of the variables of the H7 system to measure the kinetic response of the best jumping players in the Iraqi national basketball team, and to identify the individual analysis of the variables of the kinetic response time divisions for each of the players in the research sample. Five players were nominated by the coach as the best shooters by jumping points, and five attempts were given to each player according to the measurement method on the H7 system to extract the kinetic response variables, including the response time sections. For each player within his five attempts on the system, the researchers concluded to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each of the distinguished players in shooting by jumping within the ranks of the national basketball team. There was also no link between the time of the platform and the dominant force, despite the inverse relationship between them, but the results came to some different attempts through the direct relationship that occurred with time and force. Accordingly, there is a clear weakness in some players in the reaction times, the platform and the flight, because they did not invest them well in the total time of the kinetic response. Therefore, the players of the national basketball team need to focus in their training on developing the kinetic response to its importance on the field. Although they recorded high strength values on the podium as well as the push, they did not invest it in decreasing the kinetic response time when applying the measurement to the H7 system.