Abel Alier and his political role in Sudan 1969-1985


Sudan gained its independence in the beginning of 1956, a number of southern political figures emerged influencing the Sudanese political scene, including the southern politician Abel Aler, who is one of the few southern politicians who believe in the unity of Sudan in its northern and southern parts despite the pressures that were exerted on him by southern politicians. However, he was of the opinion that what the southerners demand by force of arms can be achieved by the southerners through negotiations and a peaceful solution to the problem of the south. The people of the south elected him as a member of Parliament in 1968, after which he won the confidence of President Jaafar al-Numeiri, so he entered political work forcefully as Minister of Southern Affairs in 1971. The Sudanese government in the Addis Ababa talks in 1972, which ended the civil war, which lasted for seventeen years, Sudan witnessed eleven years of peace, and during that period, Abel Ali was assigned important positions, including the position of Vice President of the Republic until 1981, along with That is, he held the position of Chairman of the Higher Executive Council of the Southern Sudan Region. He was among those opposed to dividing the south into three regions, as he believed that this would ignite the fuse of civil war. This is what happened in 1983, and following the fall of the Jaafar al-Numeiri regime in 1985, Abel Alir retired from political work.