Physical Adsorption of Reforming Catalyst by Nitrogen


Physical adsorption by nitrogen gas was studied on seven commercial platinum reforming catalysts (RG-402, RG-412, RG-432, RG-451, RG 422,RG-482, PS-10), four prepared platinum catalysts (0.1%Pt/alumina, 0.2 %Pt/alumina, 0.45 %Pt/alumina and 0.55% Pt/alumina), and γ-alumina support.Physical adsorption was carried out by using Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry (ASAP 2400 device) at 77 K . The results indicate that the surface area in general decreases with increasing platinum percentage,high platinum loaded (0.45% and 0.55%) it was found that the percent increasing in surface area was lower than those obtained for low platinum loaded catalysts , and at very higher platinum loading 0.6 %Pt , some reduction in surface area was observed . The precipitation of Re and Ir metals with 0.35 % and 0.6 % platinum increases the surface area , while precipitation of 0.57% Sn with 0.375% Pt/ γ-alumina deceases the surface area catalyst .