The Effect of The Showdown Strategy in the convergent thinking of third-grade intermediate Students in Biology


The current research aims to identify (the effect of the confrontation strategy on the convergent thinking of the third-grade students in the middle school in biology), and to achieve the goal of the research, the researcher adopted the experimental design with partial control for the two research groups, and the research sample was chosen randomly from the third-grade intermediate students from (Al-Farouq Intermediate School for Boys). ) of the General Directorate of Education of Wasit Governorate / Kut Center, which amounted to (63) students, (31) students in the experimental group, and (32) students in the control group, the two research groups (experimental and control) were equalized in the variables (chronological age, intelligence Previous information test, previous achievement, convergent thinking, and the research tool was prepared, which is the convergent thinking test, as it consisted of (30) paragraphs, including (15) objective paragraphs and (15) essays, and the validity and stability of the tool were verified. Data analysis and statistical processing, using (t-test for two independent samples, alpha Cronbach equation, paragraph difficulty coefficient, discrimination coefficient, effectiveness of wrong alternatives, Cooper equation, Eta square equation), and the results resulted in an effect of the confrontation strategy in convergent thinking for third grade students. average In the subject of biology and in favor of the experimental group, and in light of this, the researcher presented a number of recommendations and suggestions.