American Hard Power Strategy in Iraq between (1990-2008)


This study focuses on researching the types of US power used in Iraq, because Iraq occupies great importance in US strategies due to its possession of many natural resources, especially oil and natural gas, in addition to a distinct geographical location located in the heart of the world and the Middle East.The main problem raised by the study is the question whether the United States of America used many types of American power that have been used with it since (1990-2008). The study assumed that there are many types of American power, and the researcher relied on the method of analysis of power.The researcher divided his study into three sections as follows:1- Direct Military Force: (American intervention due to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait) during the reign of George Bush Senior (1990-1993).2- Economic Power: (the policy of double containment) in the era of Bill Clinton (1990-2001).3- Military Force (Preventive War) during the era of George W. Bush (2001-2008).