The effectiveness of the Iraqi security strategy in light of banking indicators For the period (2004-2020)


Abstract : The issue of the effectiveness of the banking system is one of the important things in improving the performance of the banking system as a sensitive tool that has positive effects that the best use of its indicators, and therefore the indicators of the banking system can basically evaluate the development of the banking sector, and in Iraq the banking system has special importance, especially after the economic transformation of the country yet In 2003, due to its medieval role between economic units with surplus and economic units with deficit by granting loans and banking facilities for these units, and that came the research to focus on the role and importance of the banking system and clarify the factors affecting it and analyze the trends of the Iraqi banking system in light of some banking indicators in Iraq during Duration (2004-2020), and a set of results were reached, the most important of which is the effectiveness of the Iraqi banking system in most of its indicators, especially the inability of small banks to compete and undermine their role in activating the activity of the private sector.