Treatment of Contaminated Textile Factories’ Wastewater by Photocatalyst Degradation


The aim of this work is remove the textile factories’ wastewater such as dyes via the Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) that on using the nano titanium dioxide photocatalytic degradation. The degradation of C. I. Reactive black 45 (RB 45) in aqueous medium by the photocatalysis process has been studied. The effects of several parameters such as pH, the concentration of TiO2, irradiation time, and dye concentration have been examined. The optimal parameters were found to be [TiO2] = 0.75 g/L, irradiation time 480 min and pH=3.0. The results shown that the photocatalytic degradation could be enhanced by adding hydrogen peroxide H2O2 or potassium persulfate K2S2O8, for example, the efficiency increased from 68.9% to 88.7% and 95.4% when added 0.027 M or 1.5 g/L of H2O2 and K2S2O8 respectively. Also, the effects of inorganic salts Na2SO4, Na2CO3, and NaCl on the degradation efficiency of the photocatalysis process were investigated.