The Struggle of the Palestinian woman.


Those who study the case of Palestinian women touching prejudice the right supplement at all levels of legal, social, economic, cultural, and in both directions of practical and theoretical. This refutes the view: that the experience of struggle of Palestinian women have made them get rid of the obstacles and constraints of social cultural barriers to progress in life. However, this does not mean a full denial of some of the achievements obtained by the Palestinian women through their participation in the national movement is the most important appearance of some leaders Altalieiat of women, where the suffering of Palestinian women from a number of problems has its roots in some of the things objectively summed up the occupation, and the policy of closure, and the siege as well as the recent emergence of the Palestinian National Authority and the consequent poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and other problems. The others goes back to its roots subjective factors take the customs and traditions, culture and even religion in some cases, the tributaries of explanatory explanatory of the state of injustice and inequality suffered by females in the Palestinian society. In this aspect, trying to women's organizations, like other NGOs, government, and responding to the requirements of the stage and the alleviation of the suffering experienced by Palestinian women and by providing various services which may be of the nature of some relief or development or awareness of cultural and other forms in order to reduce poverty, illiteracy, violence and other problems faced by Palestinian women.