The Effect of Using some of Dietary Supplement )Chlorophyll, Ginseng( on the Thyroid Gland and its Hormones.


The current study was designed to evaluate the effect of some nutritional supplements chlorophyll and ginsengon thyroid hormones )T3, T4( and thyroid stimulating hormone )TSH(. In this study, white rats of the type Supragusdawley were used and motivated by 40 rats of different ages and weights, their ages ranged between young )4-6(weeks and weighing )100-150( g, and medium-aged )6-8( months and weighing )250( - 400( g, and old )more thana year old( and weighing )450 - 500( g. The animals were divided into four main groups as follows: the first groupwas young, which was dosed with chlorophyll, the second group was the middle-aged group, which was dosed withginseng, and the third group was old rats that were dosed )with chlorophyll + ginseng(. As for the fourth group, itwas the control group, and the groups generally consisted of 10 rats per group )5 males and 5 females(. The different groups were given nutritional supplement extract through Stomach feeding, at a dose of 37.5 mg/kg for ginsengand 75 mg/kg for chlorophyll, and the dosing continued. For a period of 40 days for the period from 15/12/2021 to25/1/2022. The results of the current study, through statistical analysis, showed a significant increase in the level ofTSH, T4 hormone in females of a young group treated with chlorophyll supplement extract. When comparing withmales of the same group, while there was no significant difference in the value of T3 between males and femalestreated with chlorophyll, and when comparing between the young group and the control group, the results indicateda significant decrease in the levels of T4, TSH, while there was no significant difference in the level of T3 between thetwo groups. As for the middle-aged group, with regard to thyroid hormones, which were dosed from ginseng, theresults indicated that there was no significant change in relation to thyroid hormones when comparing the changesthat occurred between males in relation to the control group and a middle-aged group. It was also noted that therewas a significant relationship in the levels of TSH, while there was no Changes in the levels of T4, and also it appeared that the level of T3 hormone did not register any change compared to the control group, As for middle-agedfemales, the study showed only a weak change in the levels of T3, while no change was observed in the hormone )T4and TSH(, while the third group, which is adults, used a mixture of chlorophyll + ginseng together, where the resultsindicated here in this group that there was no Significant relationship between study groups in thyroid hormones.Also, the results did not show any change between males in this third group, which are adults. The results indicatedthat there was no significant relationship occurred for thyroid hormones TSH, T4, T3, and the results also showedthat there was no significant relationship between the study groups in thyroid hormones. No change between malesin this third group, which is adults, where it indicated that there was no significant relationship between the studygroups in the thyroid hormones TSH, T4, and T3.