Relations between the Vatican and Israel during the reign of


Can say that the historical period, which took the Pope John Paul II Holy See any, between 19782005. Was one of the stages sensitive and influential in the history of the Catholic Church, especially in their relations with the countries of the world, including the relationship with Israel and, of course, was not the announcement of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and the Jewish state but the final episode of a series of seminars related and that started since the participation of the Pope as bishop in sessions and discussions Vatican Council which led to a number of decisions were the outcome of improved relations between the Vatican and Israel and between Catholic and Jews in general. To some Christians and Jews that many of the circumstances of the historical that led to the tension and complexity in the relations between Christianity and Judaism can not be solved in the form of a statement or apology or request sheet even if the head of the Catholic Church, as some historical events have left their mark on the behavior Many of the political people and political leadership, and can be difficult to change or reduce their impact in the near future at least. It may be possible to say that Pope John Paul II had succeeded to a large extent in bridging the gap between Christians and Jews and worked to install a number of pillars in the relationship between the Vatican and "Israel" and sought to break all restrictions and barriers that prevent the establishment of a normal relationship and harmony between Catholics and Jews as a result of the historical tragedies witnessed by the sleepless centuries