knowledge management, organizational effectiveness


This research aims to identify the impact of knowledge management to the company managers, the leather Industries in organizational effectiveness, in order to mallmarafh vital role of and sensitive to the success of organizations present, the future, was applied research in the company of the leather Industries were the two researchers developed to identify for the purposes of this research, which was distributed to the (60) mbutha, are sample research, research has identified independent variables Knowledge (the underlying and phenomenon)and knowledge of management operation (diagnostic knowledge, identifying targets knowledge, knowledge generation, storage knowledge, the distribution of knowledge, application and use of knowledge) and the dependent variable effectiveness organizational. research found that the company had not benefited and investing knowledge it has accumulated in an efficient manner, and pointed out that the impact of knowledge management in the effectiveness of organization, and every dimension of knowledge have an impact on the effectiveness of the organization, but to varying degrees, also included the search number of recommendations aimed at the importance of the role played by the methods adopted in the management of knowledge to enhance organizational effectiveness.