Study influence of Salinomycin and Anticoccidial Vaccine on Pathological changes in intestine of Broiler Chickens experimental infected with Eimeria spp


To conduct the influence of salinomycin & anticoccidial vaccine on pathological changes in intestine of broiler chickens experimental infected with Eimeria spp. By using 40 broiler chicks divided randomly to four groups( 10 chicks of each group ) First group vaccinated with anticoccidial vaccine (coccivac) at 8 days of age in drinking water while the second group feeded salinomycin in concentration 60ppm from one day old ,the third group left non vaccinated nor given salinomycin as a control group at(26 days )of age chicks in that three groups infected with different species of Eimeria spp .with high dose (100x10³) Oocyst /chick by group inoculation & the fourth group consider negative control not vaccinated or treated .At (33 days)of chicks age all the chicks were killed for measuring lesion score of intestine which their results +1.75 , +3, +4 with mortality rate 0%,10%,20% for vaccinated ,salinomycine treated & control groups respectively then took samples for Histopathological changes the results pointed high pathological changes in intestine of positive control group with sever necrosis & degeneration of epithelia with sever tissue damage companied with maturation first & second generation sporozoite in the endothelial layer of intestine. While the pathological changes was less sever in salinomycine treated group with necrosis & degeneration of epithelial layers accompanied with exist of sporozoite in endothelial layer of intestine . while the vaccinated group showed no clear pathological changes in intestine except hyperplasia of global cells & infiltration of lymphocytes cells in the layers of intestine , it was concluded that the vaccine which was given to chicks provide good protection & decrease dangerous of coccidiosis infection .