The Corona-Covid 19 pandemic and its impact on European political systems


Through our study of the objective impact of the Corona virus Covid- 19 on European political systems and the consequences that resulted from the impact of the global pandemic on European political systems and what are the repercussions, possibilities, obstacles and ways out of the crisis, despite the European political systems taking warnings and health precautions in general, but the pandemic and the repercussions of the virus were More than the capabilities allocated to the health sector and medical care, the regimes were unable to justify and justify this failure. In many European experiences in which the severity of the epidemic increased by the indicator of the number of deaths and their percentage of injuries, such as Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and France The criticism was directed at the economic policies of those countries, as they reduced health expenditures, reassuring to what they had achieved in the past, but the crisis revealed the weakness of health systems and social protection, which made it necessary to take decisions to strengthen the relationship and trust between governments and society by taking a package of decisions of a socialist nature or similar to policies The social welfare state is to save capitalism. The goal is to reduce the impact of the pandemic and the great confusion that these regimes have led to in managing the health crisis, which will be reflected in the political and economic reality of those political systems.