Applications of Grey Water Treatments to Use it on Several Places in Ministry of Science and Technology


Three buildings were selected from the Ministry of Science and Technology, these are the building of the Department of Environment and Water, the building of the Civil Defense and the building of the Nursery during the year 2019. Three experiments were carried out in the building of the Department of Environment and Water, the first to assess the gray water qualities and while, the second was carried at the laboratory level to find out the best medium for treating gray water using a column system and the third at field level by planting pots with morenga plant to see the effect of the three irrigation treatments (treated with gray water, untreated gray water and raw water) on plant growth and some soil properties. The results of the first and second experiments indicated that the gray water quality in all the selected buildings was good where EC ranged (0.95-1.08) ds/m and did not require secondary treatment, but only the primary treatment using rice husks and sand for filtration and sift the gray water from dirt, dust and large solid pieces so that it could be used for irrigation. Results of the third experiment showed a significant increase in the studied growth indicators and the content of elements in the plant and soil from the two treatments of treated and untreated gray water compared to the third treatment (Raw Water).