The impact of impression management on improving the quality of work lif A case study in the Basra municipality directorate


Abstract The study aimes to determine the effect of impression management on improving the quality of work life. To achieve this, a hypothesis was built according to the two variables, in the light of which the main hypothesis and a number of sub-hypotheses were developed. This study was tested in the government sector, specifically in the Basra municipality directorate. The questionnaire was adopted as a means of collecting data from a sample size of 310 employees. The results indicated that there is a positive effect of impression management in improving the quality of work life, and based on the results that were reached, a set of recommendations was proposed by adopting methods of impression management and benefiting from the results obtained to improve the quality of work life for individuals working in the Basra Municipality Directorate.Keywords: impression management, quality of work life, quantitative design