Move towards war: (Israel) is preparing to wage war on Syria and Lebanon


It was clear to the Pentagon and NATO, (Tel Aviv): The East can take advantage of the Mediterranean frontline him in the event of a war against Iran, so they took up positions are not visible to its fleet of maritime war, and fleets of the North Atlantic Treaty on the eastern side, which is closely related to plot war on Iran (49), but degenerated into Navy in Persian Gulf, and eastern Mediterranean have had its beginnings since 2001, in order to strategically namely the preparation of logistics within the framework of the war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian resistance, Syria , and Iran, where he was to countries such as: Paris, Berlin substantial interests in the creation of wars Anglo - American in the Far East, as interpreted by officials of the French, and German, and European Union, and repeatedly: The Mediterranean Sea east, and the Far East, "is the eastern border of the Union European "(50), it became the Union of the Mediterranean headed by (Nicolas Sarkozy) is a declaration of the interests of the Franco - German, and associated with very wars of the Far East, and the establishment of agreement between Arabs and Israelis in the Levant (51), war Israel on Lebanon in 2006, as well as supporting U.S. political and military is one of the stages of this military agenda, which is a test year for both sides to prepare for a wider war in the Far East, because both parties has the opportunity to re-assess its strategy, and methods of preparation for war, a similar future, and if war broke out already, the future is alone will be judged in that will happen.