Surface matrix based Machining Planes Determination for Milling Process (Roughing Stage)


This paper deals with machining plane determination process for CNC millingmachining. Three methods, Matrix, 3D contour matrix and flow line arepresented. All methods depend on the data set point of the surface matrix ofthe workpiece to be machined. All methods can be used to automate theCAD/CAM operation for roughing process in milling machining. Two surfaceexamples are included to illustrate all methods. By a comparison among thethree presented methods, a conclusion has been reached that the presented 3Dcontour matrix method requires maximum number of blocks to build G-codesprogram for CNC tool path programming. It means that, this method requireslonger time to accomplish tool paths. On the other hand the other twomethods require minimum number of blocks of G-codes and shorter time forroughing.