“The Impact of Paradoxical leadership on Achieving Knowledge Management Strategies”An analytical study of the opinions of a sample of Academics in the Engineering Technical College - Maysan and Technical Institute of Amara


This research aims to reveal the extent of the impact of paradoxical leadership through its dimensions in achieving knowledge management strategies based on the answers of a sample of academics in the Engineering Technical College and Technical Institute of Amara. The problem of the research was determined by diagnosing leadership practices in research sample organizations and the extent of their ability to integrate and match the contradictory options when making decisions in order to create a competitive environment to respond to the requirements of change. To achieve the research objectives a questionnaire was designed and consisted of (32) questions distributed to a sample of (65) academics, (60) of which were returned valid for statistical analysis. The research also reached several conclusions, the most important of which are that the leadership in the above two organizations practices a high degree of the principle of maintaining control of the decision while allowing Autonomy, and also the research came out with a set of recommendations for the achievement of knowledge management strategies.