The Extremism of Terrorism: A Study Of The Causes and Ideologies That Drive It and Ways To Combat It


The phenomenon of terrorism and extremism is one of the most important phenomena that affect societies. It is a general and comprehensive phenomenon for all societies. Extremism is a precursor to terrorism and extremist societies are incubator societies for terrorist movements. Extremism leading to terrorism is an abnormal phenomenon in all people and religions, and extremists in every society are few in number compared to other members of society, but they are more dangerous to society and individuals, as the magnitude of the danger resulting from them exceeds the size of the phenomenon itself, as terrorism is one of the secretions of extremism. Extremism has tested many societies with this phenomenon throughout the ages and with its terrorist events that shook the conscience of every sane person and humanity, as every society realizes and appreciates the value of security and peace and feels the blessing of stability. Efforts must be made to study the phenomenon of extremism and know its causes and roots and ways to address them, because this is one of the noblest things that are offered to protect human rights, the most important of which is the right to life and live safe and secure.