The Origins of The Formation of Extremist Visions Among Terrorist Groups A Study From An Intellectual and Doctrinal Point Of View


Humanity suffered, in the past and in present times, from the emergence of extremist terrorist groups – as it seems to the insider – which casts its harbingers on society and pushes it to question sometimes, and research at other times, because violence has existed since the first human being was found in this world, which is our Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) and continued to the present day.The devastating effects of violence and extremism of these groups in understanding the reality of civil life motivated researchers in various cognitive directions to search for the history and backgrounds of these individuals. There is no doubt that the assimilation of the intellectual, ideological and religious tribes of extremist groups contributes to a certain degree in dismantling the visions on which they are based, and thus creating a pivotal awareness of humanity and living in peace. Accordingly, it was necessary to pursue the religious and doctrinal fundamentalism of these groups in a brief attempt to dismantle the ideological basis on which they are based.