Acquisition and Preparation of 3D Seismic Data for Pre-Stack Inversion at Siba Oilfield, Southeastern Iraq


The current study includes preparing a geometric proposal of the mainparameters that must be worked within a seismic reflection survey to prepare athree-dimensional subsurface image. This image represents the Siba oil field locatedin Basra, southern Iraq. The results were based on two options for selecting theseapproved elements to create a three-dimensional image of the Mishrif, Zubair andYamama formations as well as the Jurassic and Permian Khuff and the pre-Khuffreservoir area. The first option is represented in the geometry in option -1 is 12 lines,6 shots, and 216 chs. The receiver density is 66.67 receivers / km2, so the shotdensity is the same. Total shots are 21000, which is the same number of receivingpoints. The survey area (in km2) and full fold area (in km2) are 317and 328,respectively. However, the second option in the geometry are16 lines, 16 shots, and208 chs. Receiver density and shot density are 50, while the total shots are 16200and the total receiving points are 16000; with survey area and full folded area are198 and 198 km2. The aim of the current study is to characterize the structure andreservoir quality of Yamama and Zubair intervals and to image potential explorationtargets such as the Mishrif, Jurassic, Permian Kuff and Pre Khuff formations. Thepresent study succeeded in preparing the geometric proposal and getting at asubsurface image of the reservoir in three dimensions.