A Numerical Model For Thermal-Hydraulic Design of a Shell And Single Pass Low Finned Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger


This investigation represents a computerized model for the thermal-hydraulicdesign of a single shell – single pass of enhance tube bundle heat exchanger usingthe step by step technique (SST). The design procedure suggested in this study isalso suitable for multi-tube passes using the most familiar methods of design ofshell and tube heat exchanger such as Kern and Bell-Delaware. The (SST) wasconsidered as a basic in order to incorporate the effect of the physical propertychange due to temperature variation along the heat exchanger. The model basicdesign depends on the selection of the low finned tube characteristics. The use ofsuch surface will have the advantage of avoiding the space restrictions of theequipment layout in the industrial applications and reduction in the cost ofmanufacture machining as well. The model was intended to be a choice for thelubricating oil cooling system of a gas turbine power station in Debis-Kirkukplant. The verification of the model showed that using such enhanced tubes in thecooling system will improve the operating conditions especially during summerseason in Iraq.