Jobs and professions of Jews in Jerusalem during the Ottoman era in the 10th century AH / 16th century AD (Records of the Jerusalem Sharia Court as a source)


This study aims to shed light on the jobs and occupations in which Jews worked in the city of Jerusalem during the tenth century AH / sixteenth century AD, as the city became a favorite destination for Jews, especially after they were subjected to persecution in Europe. Especially the Jews of Spain and Portugal, and some Jews settled in the city of Jerusalem. They make up the majority of those who work in banking and goldsmithing. In the field of professional work, the Jews occupied many professions that were prevalent in Jerusalem, so blacksmiths, welders, tailors, dyers and others appeared. The Jews, through the professions in which they worked, contributed to the revitalization of the economy in Jerusalem, along with the rest of the other residents of Jerusalem.