Hoff's Investigation of The Sandwich Panel with Honeycomb Core


Recently, the use of sandwich panels has become increasingly important. Thisis due to its good mechanical properties and high strength-to-weight ratio. It isused in many fields, especially in aviation, construction and aerospace. It isnecessary to know the behavior of the materials used, especially the freevibrations, to know the effect of external factors on the sandwich panels. Thehoneycomb core sandwich panel was studied. A model for analysis andmodeling is proposed. A previous model was chosen for analysis andcomparison. Hoff theory was applied to convert honeycomb sandwich panelinto equivalent sandwich panel to facilitate the solution and save time. Thelimits were considered fixed on the one hand and moving on the other hand, andthe ANSYS program was used to analyze and extract the results, and the resultswere compared and were promising and accurate, which proves to us thevalidity and accuracy of the proposed theoretical results.