Evaluation of Nursing Staff’s Knowledge and Practice Regarding Care of Women with Preterm Birth


Background: Preterm birth is an important perinatal health problem, contributing to increased mortality risk of children younger than 5 years directly and maternal mortality indirectly. Thus, reducing the incidence and mortality of preterm birth is significant. Objectives: To evaluate the nursing staff's knowledge and practices regarding caring for women with preterm birth. And to find out the relationship between nursing staff’s knowledge and practices and their sociodemographic data. Methodology: A descriptive design was conducted on the non-probability of (49) nurses from four hospitals in Baghdad city. Results: 21(42.9%) of nursing staff have a fair level of knowledge, and 38(77.6%) have good practice. There is a high significant relationship between nursing staff' knowledge, practice and experience years. Conclusion: the nursing staff having a moderate level of knowledge, and a high level of practice in the care of women with preterm birth. Recommendations: Updating knowledge through training are important for nursing care of women who have given birth prematurely to improve their skills and performance to find appropriate solutions to the problems.