The Role Of Human Resource Management in achieving Organizational Excellence An exploratory study in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs


The study aims to highlight the impact of human resource management in achieving institutional excellence as one of its success factors. And the interpretation and diagnosis of the relationship between the research variables and their dimensions, and the research problem lies (The lack of requirements and capabilities to manage human resources that help them achieve institutional excellence in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs) As well as the extent to which these practices (electronic recruitment, electronic polarization, electronic training and development, electronic performance evaluation, electronic compensation) are reflected in achieving institutional excellence, The study adopted the descriptive analytical approach and used the questionnaire as the main tool of the study distributed to a random sample of employees in the department human resources and from the disciplines (technical, engineering and administrative). Recovery (89%) and the statistical program (SPSS V.24) was applied to analyze data and use statistical methods (mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, Spearman correlation coefficient and simple linear regression analysis), and The research reached a number of results, the most important of which is the ministry's keenness to provide an appropriate work environment that Helps employees to accomplish their work in an outstanding manner, in addition to continuous monitoring of their level of performance to provide better services to achieve institutional excellence.