Three Dimensional Simulation of Supersonic Flow over Missiles of Different Shapes


In this work, a three-dimensional primitive variable of supersonic flow overmissiles was computed based on finite difference computational fluid dynamicmethods. The problem was considered is to deal with external, inviscid, compressiblesupersonic- flow over three-dimensional missiles with and without canard. Eulerequations were solved using time-marching MacCormack’s explicit technique. Theflow conditions are taken at sea level and Mach number was tested up to 4.0. To dealwith complex shape of missiles the so-called “body fitted coordinate system” wasconsidered and the algebraic and elliptic methods were used to generate grids overmissiles. The number of iterations and the number of mesh points depending onMach number. The result indicate, that for the same Mach number, the increasing ofmesh points, lead to increase of the number of iterations