The research title The usage of the Quranic for humans in Divan (sama'an la tuenwn ghaymaha) semantic study


) Quranic quotation of time) This title was the first topic of the second chapter of my master's thesis, where the title of the second chapter was (Qur’anic employment of circumstance) and I chose this topic for publication because time is the main determinant of the life of the universe, and the verses of the Qur’anic employment for this research were five Verses of various times such as (morning, afternoon, night, sun, moon and so on). It is the study followed in the analysis of the Qur’anic quotation in poetic verses, and this study was as follows: 1-Poetic verse is mentioned including the Qur’anic function and followed it with a simplified definition of the poem in which it came2-mention the Qur’an verse from which the poetic verse was used, indicating the place of employment3-lexical meanings of the terms used in the Qur’an are given4-The Qur’anic quotation is analysed semantically according to four levels of significance:A- Semantic analysis of the lexical level: The lexical level is the level at which the meaning of the Qur’anic employment is explained with the help of semantics and linguistics books.B- Semantic analysis of the compositional level: the synthetic comparison was adopted between the Qur’anic verse and its use in the poetic verse in terms of congruence and contradiction.C- Semantic analysis of the morphological level: where it is studied the Qur’an singular the words employed in the verse.D- Semantic analysis of the phonemic level: When analyzing sounds, whether they are singular or compound, it shows what functions the sound or sounds have performed in the service of meaning.