A Comparative Study In the Psychological Trend towards The Lesson Of Physical Education Between Male And Female Intermediate Students In Mosul City Schools


The current research aims to:1.Identify to the degree of psychological trend towards the physical education lesson of intermediate students (males and females)in the city of Mosul.2.Identify the differences of the psychological attitude toward the physical education lesson between male and female intermediate students in the city of Mosul.The descriptive surveying methods was used due to its appropriateness. The society were the students of intermediate schools in the left bank of the city of Mosul reaching eight schools This distribution considered the factors of people density , social and, environmental uprising and divided into (4) female schools and (4) male schools. the society were the students (3600) males and females according to statistics of the state administrate of education in Nineveh governorate , the left bank was divided into (8) geographical sites .The Total socity of the research was (17000) students . The sample represented by taking a school from each geographical site in the left bank to be four female schools and four male schools . Thus, the sample was (3200) students . The application sample was (263) pupils chosen randimly from (8) schools with a rate of (8,2%). Adjunction scale of trends was adopted as a tool after applying the scientific treatments . The following statistical methods (i.e.mathmatical means, standard deviation, Spearman brown equation, Alfa Factor for stability, ratio, hypothetical means, and T. Law For Difference significance between the averages) were used .The researchers concluded that: Social, environmental and cultural Factor have huge effect in forming and creating trends towards a certain thing . Habits, traditions, and social traditions have the greatest part in crystallizing these trends and developing them either positively or negatively.Intermediate school students have a positive trend towards the lesson of physical education that has been formed in previous age stage , due to their family , school, and social environment in addition to the availability of special play grounds and clubs to develop their positive trends towards physical activity.There is a certain negative trend for female students towards physical education lesson which increases with growing old due to the absence of specialized clubs and youth center for girls.