Characteristics of the extremist personality and its effects on society, an anthropological study in Baghdad Governorate


The subject of the study is the phenomenon of intellectual extremism among young people. Undoubtedly, it is impossible to provide a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the phenomenon without understanding its importance, as all Arab and Western countries are now affected by the global phenomena of intellectual extremism. Where many young people, educated and illiterate, fell into it, especially since this group represents the pillar of society and its development. In fact, the phenomenon of intellectual extremism has developed among young people and has even become a dangerous and rapidly spreading epidemic. Perhaps the reasons for this are the availability of knowledge, technological progress, globalization, intellectual conflict, misinterpretation or weakness of the reality of religion and legal constants. Researchers who work as research centers in addition to the role of education, as institutions of education and self-development, bear a great deal of responsibility in this regard. The study tool was created and developed by the researcher and it consists of a questionnaire with multiple paragraphs in many fields to study the issue of intellectual extremism among young people. The study sample was a group of young prisoners of different ages in Abu Ghraib prison located in Baghdad .