Numerical Simulation of Solidification Around Staggered Tube Arrangement With Convection – Dominated


This work describes and analyses thermal storage system as a phase change problem whichinvolves a fluid flowing inside cooled tubes in a staggered arrangement installed in a rectangularduct surrounded by a phase - change material (water).The temperature of the fluid inside the tubes is below the freezing temperature of the PCM whichcauses ice formation around each tubes. The problem is modeled as, two- dimensional, timedependent and convection–dominated phenomena .A finite volume numerical approach isdeveloped and used to simulate the physical details of the problem .This approach is based on theenthalpy method which is traditionally used to track the motion of the liquid – solid front andobtain the temperature and velocity profiles in the liquid –phase. The study gives an instruction onthe presentation of ice – on – coil storage tank. Results of solidification experiments are used toassess and evaluate the performance.