The Effectiveness of Using REACT Model for Teaching Literary Texts to EFL Preparatory School Students


Literature is generally used in English language teaching for the development of knowledge about the language . REACT (Relating, Experiencing, Applying, Cooperating and Transferring) model has been used as a model in teaching English literary texts . This study aims at investigating its effectiveness for teaching literary texts to EFL preparatory school students through:1-assessing the average level of the 5th year preparatory school students' achievement in English literary texts.2-finding out whether there is any significant difference between students' achievement of the experimental group and that of the control group in the posttest.3- finding out whether there is any significant difference between the students' achievement at the recognition level and that at the production level of the posttest.4- finding out whether there is any significant difference between the experimental group's achievement in the pretest and posttest. A sample of ninety EFL fifth year preparatory school students have been randomly selected from Al-Kansaa Preparatory School for Girls during the academic year(2021-2022), that represents (73.17) of its original population and divided into two equal groups, i.e. experimental and control groups. Both groups have been equalized in their age, their parents’ educational achievement, and their previous year achievement in English. The required data has been collected and analyzed statistically. The obtained results indicates that REACT model is more effective than using the conventional method for teaching literary texts. Finally, the study ends up with some conclusions and recommendations.