Tensile and Buckling Analysis of the Polymer Composite Beam Reinforced by Natural Jute Fiber


This research focuses on the preparation of polymer matrix compositematerial by (hand lay – UP) method, where the material was prepared fromunsaturated polyester resin (up) as a matrix reinforced by natural jute fiber withdifferent volume fractions (3%, 4%, 5%, 6%).The experimental work and finiteelement techniques were used to analysis the tensile and the buckling analysis ofthe composite beam reinforced by natural jute fiber at different volume fraction.The results of experimental work of the modulus of elasticity were in therange of the theoretical results. The critical load increased with increase the fibervolume fraction that ( cr P =610N) at ( f V = 3%) and ( cr P =830N) at ( f V =6 %) forthe experimental results.While ( cr P =619N) at ( f V = 3%) and ( cr P =877N) at( f V =6 %) for the finite element results.