Treatment of Organic Compounds Resulting from Oil Refineries under Solar Light and Reuse it for Industrial Purpose


This paper was aimed to examine the removal of oil from water by photocatalytic advance oxidation under solar light. A pH of 11 has shown a higher oil removal efficiency. Oil remove efficiency levels at pH 11 have been found 75% within 230 minutes’ oily water effluent, studies have shown that Langmuir isotherm has been the best-fit one of the isotherms for the removal of oil. Data have shown a higher adsorptive capacity. Also we have studied another parameter like (catalyst concentration, initial oil concentration and pH). While the treatment of waste-water is dependent upon a great level of quality for the processed industrial water, the nature of wastes that are added throughout the utilization, and the treatment degree that has been received by the waste-water. Then, the data of the waste-water quality that has been measured routinely and it was reported at the plants of the waste-water treatments are mainly for disposal of the treated effluent or the necessities of the discharge in terms of the gross pollution parameters.