Theoretical and Calculation The Photon Production From Quark-Antiquark Interaction


Abstract :In this paper, we present a theoretical calculation of photons rate from the annihilation of quark anti-quark interaction. A theoretical model for this process wasprovided using the quantum chromodynamic theory. In addition, we introduced anddiscussed the role of the QCD strength coupling, critical temperature, photons energy and thermal energy of the system, as well as the rate of the photons used tostudy the behavior of quarks theoretically .The photon rate was calculated for theinteraction of charm (C) and anti-strange quarks in two critical temperatures= 113 MeV and = 147 MeV and the range of photon energy from 1.5GeV/c to5GeV/c. we noticed the strong coupling, critical temperature, photon energy andthermal energy were to influence the rate dramatically, which can form photons’possible emission from the annihilation process.The increased photons rate withdecreased QCD strength couple of quarks interaction due to increasing the criticaltemperature from 113 MeV to 147 MeV had been predicted.We also find a small difference in photon yield and QCD strength coupling with two critical temperatures113 and 147 MeV.