Hydrochemical study of Rain Water In Baghdad city-Iraq


The chemical substance dissolved in rain water are generally considered to have two atmosphericsources, dry fallout and/or soluble salts. The present study deals with the rain water year 1995-1996 atBaghdad city were expressed in term of monthly averages of the collected samples . The concentrationsvalues of cations (Ca, Mg, K and Na) and anions (Cl, SO4 and HCO3),were expressed as averageannual. All ions concentration, are found to be within the excepted range of fresh water. These resultswere compared with rain water year 1985-1986. Appreciable reduction in concentrations of both cationsand anions have been recorded, and the percentages of reduction are ranging between 28% to 84%.Moreover, by adopting fractionation factor, the results revealed that the sea water have less contributionof all ions concentration than other sources (local activities). The results of the chemical analysis weredealt with statistically by using cluster and factor analysis .