Study the Adhesion Force of Tubular Shaped Fiber Reinforced Composites


In the present work tubular –shaped fiber reinforced composites weremanufactured by using two types of resin epoxy (EP) and unsaturated polyester(UP),each was separately reinforced with glass, carbon and kevlar-49 fibers (filamentand woven roving), hybrid reinforcement composites of these fibers were alsoprepared. The adhesion force test of the prepared specimens was carried out. Theseadhesion forces exhibited a peak value at a percent of hardener/resin (H/R)= 3% forUP matrix with all type of fiber arrangements while 30% was obtained for EP matrix.Such behavior was declined with increase in temperatures. Glass transitiontemperatures were determined from these measurements, and found to be 90°C for EP–glass and 83 °C for UP –glass composites.