The New Approach of Hyaluronic Binding Assay in Relevance to Sperm Activation by Direct Swim-Up Technique in Infertile Men with Asthenozoospermia


Asthenozoospermia is one of the main causes of infertility or diminished fertility in men , Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a complex bioactive agent , which is fully represented in the female reproductive tract. The oocyte of human being is enclosed by (HA), which acts as a physical selector of spermatozoa. Human sperm cells that Assay (HBA Score%) is an important diagnostic tool for suspicious male infertility in the analysis of semen. In a matter of minutes , provides the mature binding spermatozoa in the sample .Direct swim-up technique is the oldest and most frequently used activation technique.To assess the sperm parameters and the percentage of binding spermatozoa to HA pre- and post-in vitro sperm activation for asthenozoospermic men.Twenty –two asthenozoospermia men were collaborate in this study. Assessmet of sperm parameters and HBA Score% pre- and post - direct swim up technique and the results were statistically analyzed.Significant increment (P-value<0.05) was noticed within progressive motility, morphology of spermatozoa and a significant improvement in (HBA- Score) post - activation.