Thermal Characteristics Of Ceramic Packed Bed


Convection heat transfer in horizontal channel filled with saturated packedbed has been studied numerically using finite difference technique. The channelwall is heated at constant heat flux and packed with a fluid – saturated sphericalceramic for diameter ratio (0.287). Air , helium and carbon dioxide are used asworking fluid at Reynold number ranging (100 – 2500). The results show asignificant effect of varying prandtle number on heat transfer rate and frictionfactor at different Reynold number. The radial temperature profile increase as theprandtle number decrease. The heat transfer rate increase as the prandtle numberincrease , Carbon dioxide is greater than for air and the last is greater than that forhelium at the same flow conditions . Friction factor proportional inversely withprandtl number. New Correlations are obtained in this work:Nuav = 24.548 Re0.238 Pr0.0787F = 39.1917 (d Re1−φ)0.901