Spatial perception among students of the Faculty of Engineering


The study aimed to identify spatial perception among students of the College of Engineering and the differences in spatial perception according to the variable of gender (males, females) and scientific specialization (civil, mechanics, architecture) among students of the College of Engineering. For spatial perception, which consists of “20” geometric shapes, the statistical characteristics of the test “apparent validity, translation validity” and “reliability, by the method of internal consistency by Alpha Cronbach” were extracted, as it reached 0.85 for spatial awareness, on an intentional sample of (144) students in Wasit University College of Engineering. The results came to the following: 1- Availability of moderation to a good degree, by extracting the arithmetic and hypothetical mean and using the T-test 2- There are no statistically significant differences between male and female students in spatial perception, and there are also no differences between the three engineering disciplines.