The Indomitable Matriarch Powers in Ken Kesey's" One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: A Critical Study


"One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" is a modern novel which sprang out in the 1960s of America to shed light on the circumstances of the American society after the rise of America into a domineering and destructive power in the world. After the end of the war against Vietnam, America tried to organize its people and mitigate the bad and aggressive conducts of some communities who live in America. So the organizers tended to get rid or at least diminish any community that cannot be part of the docile and obedient America through enforcing laws, combines, and institutions to help educate and systematize the wild ones. These communities were not systematized but also subjected to the general rules of the majority and the first settlers so that they could be part of the American society. The current paper probes deeply into the inner souls and the mentalities of men after the end of war. It also sheds light on the predicament of modern men whose privileges are reduced and substituted by those advantages rendered to women with the help of spreading technology. The paper tries to find out the reasons behind the dilemmas of the ward residents and their ambitions and wishes. The aim of the paper is to analyze some of the influential personae inside the oeuvre via consulting some of the critics' opinions and sources reaching at his conclusion in which he is going to highlight the indomitability of women's power as one of the destructive aspects of the modern American society at that time according to the writer's opinion. The researcher also studies the succumbing and isolating powers that men aimed to get rid of in the mental clinic but they were intimidated by the unknown outside the sanatorium. Their chance to flee or depart their miserable situation is instigated only with the appearance of a guy from Irish roots who represents their motivating power to rebel against their circumstances but he is going to be severely faced by a variety of powers which will defeat him at the end.