Frequency of Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements Use among Iraqi People in Baghdad City


Background: Dietary supplements are used to provide the body with nutrients necessary for the regulation of metabolic processes, to increase the nutritional value of a typical diet, and to enhance or maintain health. Aim: To assess the use frequency and demographics of dietary supplements consumers in Baghdad, Iraq. Method: From July to September 2022, a cross-sectional study was conducted by distributing a self-administered survey to consumers attending community pharmacies in the Baghdad metropolitan area. About 150 participants took part in this investigation. Results: The study revealed that the majority of participants were female, constituting 58% of the total, while male subjects constituted 42% of the total. 16% of the subjects were taking multivitamins, with vitamin D3 being the most popular supplement (22.7%). Only 40% of all respondents relied on their physician's advice when using dietary supplements. 73.3% of them did not conduct any laboratory tests before or after ingesting these supplements. Conclusion: Significant numbers of users used calcium and vitamin D3 without obtaining lab results or being monitored by a physician; instead, they consulted the internet for information.