Slot Ventilated Room with Heated Obstruction


A numerical study of two-dimensional turbulent buoyant rcirculating flow withinmechanically ventilated rooms is reported. The study involves the solution of elliptic partialdifferential equations for the conservation of mass, momentum, energy, turbulent energy andits dissipation rate in a finite difference form. These equations were solved together withalgebraic expressions for the turbulent viscosity and heat diffusivity, using (K-ε) turbulencemodel. A modified version of a two-dimensional elliptic computer code was used tosimulate the complex flows inside a slot-ventilated room. The present study demonstratesthat the flow behavior depends on several parameters, such as airflow rate, size andtemperature of the heated obstruction. Each of these parameters was modeled separately tounderstand their affects on the airflow characteristic inside ventilated room.