Performance quality of school sports activities managers according to the European model of institutional excellence from the point of view of technical supervisors


The aim of the research is to identify the quality of performance of school activities principals from the point of view of the technical supervisors. The human domain: the technical supervisors in the Baghdad Education Directorates, and the temporal domain: for the period from 3/7/2022 to 5/18/2022. And the spatial domain: the directorates of Baghdad education (Al-Karkh / Al-Rusafa) (139) Technical supervisor, where the researcher took all the research community at a rate of (100%), where the researcher divided the research sample into (3) samples (exploratory, stability, main), and thus remained a sample for the application, which amounted to (103) and with a percentage of (74%) The most prominent recommendations were to work on developing the annual evaluation mechanism for the technical supervisors by introducing other factors and elements that help the evaluation in a fair manner. Improving the level of institutional indicators for the director of school and sports activities by introducing modern innovations in technology. And improve the level of academic indicators for managers by including them in workshops and development courses.