Calculating the Focusing Effect of Laser Beam on the Penetrating & Cutting Speed


In as much as employ activity of the laser in industrial applications specially inthe drilling & cutting works, it is important to study all variables & factors that affectefficiency & speed of performance such as that processes. In this paper, the study ofthe focusing effect of laser beam on the penetrating & cutting speed was done, throughderiving the mathematical equations, and re-wording it to demonstrating clearly therole of the focusing system on application speed, and calculate the variations of theefficiency of these processes.The results demonstrated that the application speed (penetration, cutting)affected by the changing in the radius of laser beam, these variables were studied fromone hand by comparing the cutting speed with and without the beam expander, wherein CO2 laser case it raised from (1.56 mm/sec) to (7.78 mm/sec) and from the otherhand by using a number of concentrating lenses in the focusing system to show itseffects on the application speed. Where the focal length of this lenses has a negativeeffect on the degradation of the cutting speed while, it has a double negative effect onthe degradation of the penetration speed, where the degradation in penetration andcutting speed (0.574) and (0.384) respectively with change in collimated lens focallength about (100 - 200 mm).